Hi and welcome to my website. My name is Jake Hickman, I’m 27 years old from Sydney, Australia. I’m passionate about fitness and here to help you achieve your goals as well as traverse an industry that’s rife with misinformation.

I graduated from Menno Henselman’s PT Course in 2019 and specialise in body recomposition. This aligns closely with my personal hobby of bodybuilding. I don’t believe you should have to suffer to achieve your dream physique. I help my clients lose fat and build muscle in an enjoyable and sustainable fashion.

If you’ve come here from one of my social media pages I hope that my content has helped you in some way. If you’re interested in a more personalized service I currently have a limited number online coaching spots available. Please send an email to coaching@jakehickmanfitness.com to further discuss how I can help you.

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